Welcome to my first finished Bitsy. Something for the intersection of the Bitsy Jam and the Gothic Novel Jam, inspired by both subthemes: sublime and monster within.

A special thanks to the Bitsy community for being so warm and encouraging.

[Warning] inner darkness, depression. There are some dark thoughts ahead.

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AuthorMx Leno
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Dark, Gothic


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im at the room after the corridor where the character turns red and is all black cant go back and dont know what to do : (

oooh i really like this!! the mirror part was so good! captivating! the narration is just real good!!!!!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

nice work! very atmospheric, and good use of empty space for pacing of both the words and the environment :)

Thank you! And thanks for making such a great tool I really enjoyed using it.

The part where you look in the mirror gave me chills! This was truly a haunting tale

Thanks for you comment!! 

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I enyojed the outside "rooms" but inside the house is no guidence where to go. I felt lost and even if it's fit to the theme I would like to get some hint's. A cool ;) start and I would like to see more .

Thanks for your feedback! I struggled with that part, so it's super helpful. I will be doing more, because I really enjoyed making this one. 

I'am glad that my feedback is helping you